Blog Review ~ Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn

What do ice cream and Sadie Montgomery have in common? They're both ice cold, but one taste is never enough.

I wanted to be friends — I would have even settled for her seeing me as anything but a nerd — but there was no getting through. So just like any hard-headed, red-blooded man out there, I made up my mind.

I’d make my coworker fall for me.

I’d like to say it was simple, but like every other epic love story, all it took was one drunken night and a lot of naked courage to get the girl. For a moment, at least.

Love with a coworker is never simple, especially since Sadie’s trying to keep us on the low. Not to mention her persistent ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone. But I’ve never been good at giving up, and I don’t plan to start now.

The whole thing is a recipe for a rocky road, but I plan to eat the whole gallon, no matter how bad the brain freeze.


4 Stars
I was super excited when I started reading this knowing that it takes place so close to my hometown. It makes imagining things so much easier knowing where I'm at.
I had a love hate relationship with Sadie, I wanted to love her because she's lost and deserves so much more than she allows herself to have.
Andrew, I couldn't help but hand over my heart to. He's full life and the perfect person to push Sadie.
I laughed so much that I think I started getting abs from the workout my stomach was getting. I had my moments of tears, without it being funny, but I mostly had humor tears.
This book overall for me was well rounded. Definitely a book of a college girl needing to find herself and to heal, and finding love along the way without expecting it. I would definitely recommend this read.


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