Blog Review ~ We Said Forever by Marie James

We Said Forever
by Marie James

Rock bottom.

They say the only way to go from there is up, but what is “up” when you’re born into someone else’s rock bottom?

At ten, football became my first love. It’s what got me out of the house away from my self-destructive family. My love for football landed me at Las Vegas University with a full ride scholarship, and the orange on my jersey was my favorite color…until my eyes landed on the red dress Fallyn wore the night we met.

At twenty-one, I jumped off the cliff into the unknown the second Fallyn McIntyre danced in my arms at a party. I had the greatest girl in the world and the opportunity to play college ball every Saturday. My rock bottom was looking up, thanks to my two first loves.

Parties, sex, and football—life was perfect. But one drink too many, and my world came crashing down. When I chose pills over my second love, my head told me it was the best decision I ever made. The pills keep me warm and protect me from the distance Fallyn created. Percs don’t judge me. They make me feel alive. 


They say the best things come in threes, but one leads to a stable future, one is my salvation, and the other drags me to hell—a hell I’d willingly burn in for eternity…if it weren’t for my second love. 

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We Said Forever by Marie James was a 4.5 star read for me. This story had me emotionally rung out by the time I was done with it. I went from being happy that the couple was going to get the HEA they deserved to being in tears from mistakes made. Fallyn and Blaze had this love that was unbreakable. Even when things were on the outs with them, they still thought of one another and loved each other so strongly that they couldn't move forward.
This book broke me, and then healed me from start to is an emotional rollercoaster!


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