Blog Review ~ Lion Eyes by Casey Peeler

Lion Eyes 
by Casey Peeler

It's all I ever loved, 
All I ever wanted. 
Football is it for me. 
The lights, the turf, the feel of the ball in my hands, 
There's nothing that means more to me. 

But then, I meet Rilla James. 
It's a game changer right from the start. 
Now, all I want is her, 
Everything about her. 

It's a love-hate relationship. 
I love the excitement, the thrill of the game, 
But despise everything it stands for. 
The day the game took away someone in my life, 
Everything changed, 
For the better. 
And I couldn't be happier. 

But then, I meet Tyke Jamison. 
It's a blitz right from the start. 
Now, I'm questioning it all...

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Casey Peeler created another southern love story surrounded by football and a tragic past. TD or Tyke is a football star that has a cloud around him from an accident that killed his girlfriend and his best friend. RJ is a bright young woman that has been raised by her father who is a football coach at a college. When TD and RJ meet the instant attraction is off the charts, but RJ is stubborn and believes TD is just another football playing jock/playboy. When the 2 finally allow one another to penetrate those walls they have, they realize they are better for each than they first realized.

This is a fun, sweet, love story that held my attention from the beginning. I can't wait to see what else Casey Peeler has in store.  


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