Blog Review ~ Chasing After Me by R.C Martin

Blog Review of 
Chasing After Me
 by R.C Martin

I found her hiding in her own eyes—
the pretty little thing in black Chucks.
Even then I knew...
Knew that she would light my world.
Knew that she would steal my heart.
In just one glance, I knew I'd let her have it all.
All she had to do was take it.
All she had to do was chase her...
Chase the girl I saw in those gorgeous brown eyes.

Chasing After Me has been written as a STAND ALONE novel. Intended for readers 18+ years of age due to language and sexual content.

Available through

What a love story - sweet, sexy romance! I enjoyed reading how Kenzi and Coder fell in love; you could tell right away that these two were meant for each other. He brought out the best in her and allowed her to see it. Their love was perfect. He always had her back even when she feel apart and that made me swoon. Coder is serious book boyfriend material! Every time he asked her for a kiss I sighed happily in want.

R.C. Martin is now definitely an author that I'll keep track of so I know what she has coming out next. 


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