Blog Review ~ Wanted by Dee Palmer

 Dee Palmer

This book is an adult themed second chance romance written as no-cheating funny erotica. It features a sassy strong female protagonist and her exploits with 4 would-be husbands. A sexy mix of romance humor and MMMF scenes- it is a no cliffhanger military romance guaranteed to melt your kindle and your heart. It is smokin' hot literotica - be warned.

I waited ten years for the right guy, then four come along at once.

I wasn’t even looking for my Mr Right. I thought I’d found him and he was just waiting for that perfect moment to pop the question. When the time came it was far from perfect The event left me a humiliated, broken-hearted mess. 

Still, a person would have to be batshit crazy to do what I’ve done, or I’m about to do.

Having answered a classified Ad, I’m Orange County bound with all my worldly possessions crammed into five suitcases and an agreement to marry one of four complete strangers - all Navy Seals! 

I just don’t know which one of the four men it’s going to be.

No need to panic.

I have a whole month to make my decision. Who would do such a thing? No sane woman that’s for sure, but then with a name like Seraphim, I was never going to normal. is nice to be WANTED

Available through KINDLE UNLIMITED

Wanted by Dee Palmer was the first book I had read by this author and now she has a new follower. This book was so much more than what I expected. Finn is taking a step to find that "Forever Man or Men" when she answers an add to be the woman to 4 Navy Seals. When she meets each of them, she finds they are the truest of friends and family and they each have their own personalities and quirks.
This book has its moments that I was fanning myself and other moments I was cheering each of the men on. It was a good read and I enjoyed it.


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